next level men's conference will help men MANifest their next level of greatness


In every community across the Greater Toronto Area, turmoil rages in the minds of men battered by life’s many struggles. But holding steadfastly to hope, these men are determined to find the steps that lead to a life rich with lasting purpose. 

The daily bustle shrouds thousands of men as they navigate this great city unnoticed. A comfortable yet obscure living fails to quench their instincts and ambitions for success, power and purpose. Men are born for greatness and the compulsion to be counted alongside great and memorable men lies buried in hearts across the globe. 

What if you could be handed the blueprint and navigation system to guide you through life’s treacherous paths, help you defeat giants, dodge minefields and build a life like the greats? 


Spanning the April 30 – May 1, 2016 weekend, the NEXT LEVEL Men’s Conference sets out to help men Manifest NEXT LEVEL Greatness by fostering intergenerational collaboration, leadership building and supplying attendees with the spiritual map outlining the intellectual and emotional tools to successfully navigate obstacles, pressures and stereotypes that may be hindering their climb towards excellence.  

Delivering high-demand presenters like Sony’s DeVon Franklin, Toronto Judge, Donald McLeod and “Cross Roads” Author, Ken Snyder, this community event endeavors to alleviate the spiritual, emotional and intellectual depletion men experience when saddled with pressures around careers, family, sex, various relationships and masculine ideologies. 

Mississauga Seventh-day Adventist Church is the organizer of the Next Level Men's Conference.